Bills Payment

Gone are the days of burdensome commute to your payment centers. Now, we take care of this errand along with shopping groceries for you. 

How It Works

Fill out the form below by providing all required information.

Take a picture of your current or previous bill using your phone and send the picture to us via Facebook Messenger or email. 

We will pay your bills and provide you with the receipt of the transaction.


For COD transactions, you may pay us upon delivery of your grocery order and the receipt of your paid bill. For Paypal, card, bank transfer or Pera Padala transactions, we will email you an invoice of the bills payment transaction.

We charge 1.5% to your total utility bill + 75.00 service fee. 

If you have grocery order along with your Bills Payment request, you will only be charged 1.5% to your total utility bill + 50.00 service fee.

Bills Accepted
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School Tuition


Bills Payment Request Form

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