Why Become A VIP Member?

Order Today - Pay Later!

Because we appreciate your loyalty, we decided to offer a program that allows our most loyal customers to enjoy up to Php5,000.00 Grocery Credit Limit payable within 30 days!

We offer flexible payment schemes to help you cope with your monthly grocery expenses.

If you order your groceries today, you can opt-in to pay within 14 days at 0% interest! If for some reason you are not able to pay within the 14 - day period, we also offer payment extensions of up to 30 days with only 0.05% interest.

No other online grocery store in Butuan offers you that!

Who Are Qualified To Apply?

Butuan Online Grocery customers who have transacted via our website at least 3 times in the past. 

This helps ensure that we have delivered to your address multiple times, and that we have already established a store-customer relationship that guarantees protection on our investment.

TRUST is critical in this transaction. 

If we had said Hi! in the past, send us your application and supporting documents, and you're good to go!

What Are The Benefits of a VIP Member?

1. Enjoy as much as Php5,000.00 (subject to approval) Butuan Online Grocery store credit limit. Most will start at Php3,000.00 but you can quickly grow your credit limit if you pay your invoice on time.

2. Get your grocery list ready because you may choose to have our delivery guy pick your list at your home if you find searching through hundreds of products on our website extremely tedious! If scouring our website is not for you, we can make it more convenient by having someone drop by your house to pick up your grocery list.

3. Order grocery, non-grocery items and/or medicines, you name it and we'll get it delivered to you!

4. Always SAME-DAY delivery as long as you place your order on or before 3:00 PM.

Regular customers only have until 2:00 PM!

5. First access to our Promos, Discounts and Raffle draws!

Why Do I Have To Pay A
Php1,000.00 Membership Fee?

This is a Beta offer. We do not know the Risk ratio yet of offering credit to our customers. 


To have a guarantee in the form of a deposit, we think you will be more faithful in keeping our payment agreement if you have a deposit with us. 

But don't worry. You will be able to withdraw your Membership Fee should you decide to Cancel your membership - provided all your outstanding invoices in our store have been paid. 

Think of this as trusting us with your Php1,000.00 and we trust you with our Php5,000.00.

Now, who's the winner? (Wink wink)

Payment Terms and Conditions

We offer flexible payment terms that won't hurt your pocket. (Pinky swear!)

Provided you pay your invoices on time.

We will send you an invoice after each successful order. 

1-14 Days after the invoice was sent - Pay the total invoice amount with 0% interest.


15 - 31 Days after the invoice was sent -  Pay the total invoice amount + 0.05% interest.

If your first invoice did not reach your credit limit, you may still place another order until you've reached your credit limit.

Please keep in mind that the two invoices will then have different due dates. We count the days from when we send the invoice to you. 

Penalties. (Oh no!)

To avoid Penalties, please pay your invoice on or before its due date. 

If for some reason you are not able to pay your invoices on time, this is how we collect penalties: (Even if we hate doing it. So help us here!)

32 - 35 Days from when we sent the invoice - Pay the total invoice amount + 0.05% interest + 0.03 % Penalty.

Still not paying?

A 0.005% per day will hurt. Trust us.

That's Php25.00 per day on a Php5,000.00 payable invoice. That's PER DAY!

So please, pay your invoices on time. (Tick Tock)

Now into the best part - let's get you signed up!

How To Apply - And Get Approved Fast!

Double-check if you had purchased with us at least 3 times in the past. If you did, congratulations! You're halfway there!!

Now, make sure to fill out this form HERE

Take photos (front and back) of your valid I.D.s (employment and government-issued identification cards) or Barangay Certification. 

(Not-so-secret tip for faster approval: Like us on Facebook!) Shhhhhh...

If you are working or residing abroad, please nominate someone (living at the address provided as the Delivery Address) to sign a copy of your application form. Otherwise, one of our staff will drop by your house and have you sign your application in person.

Important: We will not, in any way, share your information with any party for whatever purpose it may serve us. Your information is strictly SAFE WITH US. Please read our Privacy Policy here.

That's it! Next step?

Wait for our email or text confirmation regarding the APPROVAL OF YOUR APPLICATION.

Once approved, you may now proceed to the last step - Paying your VIP Membership Fee (refundable upon cancellation) below.

Once paid, you can immediately start using your grocery credit.

Max your limit. We're happier if you do!

Got questions or suggestions? Drop us a message via Messenger.

Join VIP Program

  • Best Value

    VIP Membership Fee

    Fee is Refundable upon Cancellation
    • As much as Php5,000.00 Grocery Credit payable within 30 days
    • Choose to have our driver pick up your Grocery list
    • Same-day delivery cut-off time is at 3:00PM
    • Exclusive promos, raffle draws, discounts
    • Membership Fee is Refundable upon Cancellation of membership
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