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Cooking with Claudia

Barbecue ribs just got wicked good with this oven baked bbq ribs recipe that is so juicy and tender. step by step bbq baby back ribs recipe that is soo good and a must make for this summer... this bbq ribs can be made in the oven, as well as on the grill.

Panlasang Pinoy Meaty recipes

Here is another version of chicken adobo. It is a sweet style version of adobo because it contains Sprite softdrink instead of sugar.

Erin Collins

This beef teriyaki is a homemade version of one of my favorite restaurant dishes. Every piece of beef is a little crispy and coated in a sweet and sticky teriyaki sauce! It’s delicious served over steamed rice for a quick weeknight dinner.

Panlasang Pinoy

This is a video on How to Cook Grilled Tuna Belly (Inihaw na Tuna). I am using a special cut of fatty tuna belly for this recipe. It is called Chutoro, in Japanese. This is a cut located near the skin. It is tasty, delicious, and literally melts in your mouth.